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Dynabook Inc. (The former company name is Toshiba Client Solutions Co., Ltd.) and its subsidiaries were deconsolidated from Toshiba Group on October 1, 2018.

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2019-04-04 15:55:00 How to handle bad sectors on a harddisk?
2019-03-28 15:36:00 Security Vulnerability Summary affecting Toshiba products
2019-03-25 10:20:00 Can the HDMI port be used for sound too?
2019-03-25 09:28:00 Is it possible to remove a forgotten HDD password?
2019-03-11 11:30:00 When has my hard disk been built?
2019-03-04 11:19:00 My mouse just stopped working, what happened?
2019-03-04 11:16:00 The mouse's left button works as the right button, and the right button performs as the left one, why?
2019-03-04 11:14:00 How many cordless devices can I use in one area?
2019-03-04 11:13:00 When I move the mouse, the pointer does not move or stops moving after a short time.
2019-03-04 11:11:00 The cordless mouse does not respond anymore.
2019-02-25 13:05:00 Why does my notebook lose 2 - 4% of Its battery power each time I switch the unit off and then back on again
2019-02-25 10:23:00 The Windows logon is not finished correctly after installing unsafe software "Vosteran, Taplika, Unchecky or Binkiland"
2019-02-19 09:47:00 Performing a Hard Reset or Forced Reset on Toshiba Notebooks (main battery removal)
2019-02-18 15:09:00 Performing a Hard Reset or Forced Reset on Toshiba Notebooks (reset switch feature)
2019-02-18 15:03:00 Performing a Hard Reset or Forced Reset on Toshiba Notebooks (power button feature)
2019-02-05 10:07:00 Toshiba Satellite Pro A30-C ODD Replacement
2019-02-04 09:28:00 Firmware Update for USB-C™ to HDMI®/VGA Travel Adapter (PA5272U) to improve charging control
2019-01-31 17:04:00 What are the features and benefits of a Fingerprint Reader?
2019-01-28 08:05:00 AltGr key is displayed incorrectly on the Italian On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 8
2018-12-17 13:49:00 Thunderbolt 3 Dock, USB Type-C™ Adapter with LAN function and Portégé X30T-E Keyboard Dock - Supported features by platform